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The Smarter way to service

Get the single version of the truth

Improve Machine Uptime

Minimize Service Cost

Increase Customer Success

Monetize on Digital

Self-servicing is now at your fingertips 

iSERV enables various roles of your customer including - service techs, managers, and other team members -  with digital and real-time visibility to the equipment information.  Operators or Tech can log cases and collaborate with the OEM's service team - all from an integrated, easy to use - mobile app and a web portal.

It provides the OEM teams the ability to connect, visualize, and act on the customer's issues within the defined Service Level Agreements.


Features of iSERV allow you to:

Monitor performance of your equipment and enable predictive maintenance for your customers

Self-servicing by easy access to relevant knowledge assets

Log tickets, raise queries/questions - with a unified channel for a quick resolution

Self Servicing

Unparalleled features for the entire servicing lifecycle

Performance Monitoring


Data collection & visualization

Predictive outcomes

Service Apps

iOS & Android

Self-guided Content
Ticket Management

 Realtime Collaboration with AR/VR

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce field service cost

Mitigate machine failure risk Avoid unexpected downtime

Back Office Service Portal

Ticket & Service Request management
Customer onboarding

Knowledge base & Content management

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Serve your customers with confidence 


Smart Service Application




Customer Service



AI Based Guided Workflow


Explore iSERV now

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Deploying iSERV

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A Fleet Management Company

Utilizing the power of industrial IoT and ITHENA's iSERV solution, one of the oldest inland waterways companies in America tracks its assets across waterways covering 4500 miles for its customers. While moving construction equipment, metals, energy, agricultural goods, and liquids, it utilizes iSERV to track the speed, direction, water current, and engine RPMs, among other KPIs, in real-time while connected directly with their fleets on the water.

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